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Adam and Rhonda L.

Over $1,700


Roanoke, TX


Adam and Rhonda's Story

A few years back, Adam and Rhonda were struggling to keep their business alive during the economic recession. Seeing a dentist wasn't part of their budget, and Rhonda had been trying to ignore the pain from a badly decayed tooth. When the aching became too much to ignore, Rhonda went to the dentist and discovered she'd need to pay several thousand dollars to get the tooth fixed. Insurance wasn't going to cover the costs – but DentalPlans.com saved Adam and Rhonda 50% on their dental bill.

We had called an insurance agent, and after she went through all the plans with us – because we were in a very tight, tight financial spot at the time – she closed her book (and said) you need to know about DentalPlans.com. She said, this is who I use personally, look it up and go from there. We looked it up, and when I saw that the coverage was the same as dental insurance without deductibles and actually covered, in some cases, more than normal dental insurance, we were really thrilled.

There's no question that our dental savings plan pays for itself. When we were having a hard time financially, it made sense for us to go with DentalPlans.com. And now that we're back on our feet financially, we could go back to normal insurance but we're staying with DentalPlans.com. It just makes sense.

– Adam

I had been living with the pain for two years with a bad tooth. It was very important to me to find a plan quickly, and when we found DentalPlans.com and found that the plan was effective immediately that was awesome. My old dentist said that I would need a root canal. But our new dentist, who we found through DentalPlans.com, told me "you don't need a root canal. You just need a crown." I said, how much is it going to be, and they told me about twelve hundred dollars, and I asked how much it would be with our dental plan? And they said, "oh, it's six hundred dollars, so it's half price." That was awesome too.

My favorite two things about DentalPlans.com is number one – savings. I think it just makes (financial) sense. And number two is customer service. They have great customer service. As soon as I called, they answered the phone; the person that answered the phone actually had the answer to my question. It was short and sweet, and quick. Their customer service rocks. DentalPlans.com is a blessing.

– Rhonda

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Dentists recommend 2 cleanings, 2 check-ups and 1 set of x-rays per year. We're so confident that your plan will pay for itself*, we will refund your money if it doesn't. Some exclusions apply.